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Car Track Day
15/12/2023 - Seighford Driving Centre

Novice Only Car Track Day
Noise Limit: 105 dB
Product ID: 17053
Drive by: 98 dB
Event Info
08:30 - registration, noise test and drivers briefing
09:00 - sessions begin (20 min intervals)
13:00 - lunch break
14:00 - sessions resume
17:00 - (or dusk) track closes

Please note these times are approximate and subject to change on the day. Any incidences on track may cause session times to be reduced.

Please read the 'event info' and 'requirements' before booking.
Please read the 'event info' and 'requirements' tabs before placing a booking.
This event is designed for drivers wanting to get ready for their first track day in their own car.

This training track is 1 mile in length with 2 chicanes and 2 hairpins.

The basic track layout and lower top speeds enable the driver to focus on perfecting their driving lines, braking and cornering in a far less daunting environment than a Racing Circuit.

There will be ARDS instructors on site all day, and included in the price will be 1 x in car tuition session where the instructor will ride with you in your Car as a passenger and give you some great tips and advice out on track (further sessions can be purchased).

By completing one or two of these events you should be ready to take your car out onto a real Circuit.

There are strictly no experienced drivers, racing cars or slick tyres permitted on this event. Any drivers who are clearly not beginners will be removed from the event with no refund.
Please read all information in the requirements tab before placing a booking.
Drivers must have a full and valid drivers licence.

Vehicles must be in safe working order with no loose parts or leaks. The noise test will be measured with the car at 3/4 max revs.

Arms and legs must be covered and a helmet must be worn by all drivers/passengers in the car at all times.

Full Face helmets (complete with visor) are compulsory in any Open or Soft Top vehicle.

Please note, vehicles such as SUV, pick-up and similar off-road type vehicles are not permitted on car track days. If you are unsure if your Car is suitable please contact us before placing a booking.
Please read all information in the requirements tab before placing a booking.
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