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Welcome to the UK TrackDays Shop

The only official UKTrackdays shop is your one stop shop for finding great gift ideas for the track day goer in your life, or for obtaining those all important accessories for you and your faithful set of wheels - whether it's two or four - directly from us. Browse and buy from our excellent range of track day merchandise, including official Circuit Guides for 2023, Mechanix Gloves, Racing Helmets, accessories and gifts below.
Circuit Guides

Circuit Guides

All the very latest Circuit Guides for Car and Motorcycle venues across the UK - essential reading for all those with an eye on becoming a track day pro - are available to buy right here with UK Trackdays on our online shop. If you’re booking yourself or another track day goer for a drive, then these indispensable guides will provide you with all the very latest information and insights in pocket sized paperback book format, making them a unique gift idea too - so why not order your copy with us today?
Racing Helmets

Racing Helmets

Racing Helmets which are a must for any one looking to get involved with own car Track Days, whether it being just as a hobby or looking to get more serious within Motorsports, helmets are a major requirement for any of our track days. Whether it's on 2 wheels or 4 you will need a skid lid! These racing helmets are of highest quality but without the price tag of bigger brands. All of our helmets are SNELL2010 approved and are MSA and FIA legal.
Fuel Containers

Fuel Containers

With our new collection of Fuel Containers, you need never be caught short on your next car or bike track day ever again! We are proud to offer a selection of fuel containers sourced from a leading motorsports supplier, in a wide choice of colours and made of the highest quality virgin high-density polyethylene, and the ability to store up to 20 litres of fuel - perfect for when you need to top up between sessions at a moment’s notice! Browse and buy from our Fuel Containers here on UK Trackdays today.
Octane Boosters

Octane Boosters

Octane Boosters are one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your car or bike's performance and fuel consumption on your next track day is operating at its maximum capability, increasing its brake horsepower by as much as seven. It can either be poured directly into your fuel tank or premixed with your fuel prior to being topped up. We also have Coolants available that help moderate the temperature of your coolant and radiator systems, as well as conditioners for diesel powered cars and bikes, all available with fast delivery and dispatch through the UK Trackdays online shop.
Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix Wear Gloves are specially designed and created by a team who are passionate about providing the best protection for working hands. So whether you're tuning up your little four wheel hot rod for its next track day, or finessing the power of your bike between sessions on the track day itself, these carefully created gloves with advanced ergonomic technology will ensure that you can do so, and become almost as much of an essential part of your toolkit as the tools themselves! Shop from UK Trackdays' full range of Mechanix Gloves today.

Shopping With UK Trackdays

It's not just Own Car and Bike Track Day events we offer here on UK Trackdays. Newly launched on our site is our brand spanking new online shop, where you will find everything that you or the track day enthusiast in your life could possibly want.

Shopping directly from us means that you're doing so with one of the leading independent websites for booking own car and bike track days at some of the UK's biggest motorsport circuits, run by a dedicated team of track day obsessives with a motorsport background, who are passionate about giving those who love it just as much the best days out on track the country has to offer.

But it's not just that we have on offer - as you'll discover, we also have a wide selection of gifts, accessories and supplies to enhance your next track day experience.

Track Day Accessories and Supplies

We've got everything you need to ensure that you don't get caught short on your next track day event, including essential accessories such as the brilliant Mechanix gloves.

Available in a selection of sizes and designs, these ultra light but durable gloves will ensure you can work on your car or bike between events without getting greasy and grimy whilst doing so - and they're machine washable too. Bit of a bonus!

Racing helmets are of course an essential requisite for any track day driver or rider - so we also have the highest quality helmets available to buy, which are SNELL2010 approved and are MSA and FIA legal - without the high quality price tag.

Also available are special VP Racing fuel cans which allows you to store up to 20 litres of fuel, thus ideal to keep a steady supply on you for your vehicle between sessions out on track.

And to really boost your car or bike's prowess out on track, we also offer VP Racing Octane Boosters, designed with the track day driver in mind to safely help boost your pump fuel from 99 octane to between 104 and 106 octane, which you can easily premix with your fuel before topping up your car or bike!

Track Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a surefire winner of a gift idea for a track day driver? We also sell the very latest paperback copies of the UK Circuit Guide for Cars and the MCN Circuit Guide for Bikes.

Offering overviews, vital stats and information, tips and guidance on a combined total of over 30 of the biggest track day circuits across the UK, these pocket sized guides are invaluable reading, and would make an ideal present for Father's Day, Birthdays, or even as a stocking filler for Christmas.

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