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Castle Combe Bike Track Days | Track Days

After a fantastic venue for Bike Track Days in Wiltshire? The prestigeous Castle Combe Circuit is a prime destination for motorsport fans in the South West of England, its 1.85 mile track believed to be one of the most skill stretching of its kind in the country for any rider. See more information below about our Castle Combe Bike Track Days, as well as information on available facilities to visitors and spectators and details of Noise Limits.

Castle Combe Circuit Race Circuit

Full circuit
1.96 miles
Castle Combe Circuit - Full circuit

Castle Combe Bike Track Day and Circuit Information

Located 20 miles to the east of Bristol, and just under 25 miles to the west of Swindon, Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire has been an incredibly popular venue for Bike Track Days in this part of the UK since it was first opened in 1950.

Its reputation as one of the most complex circuit layouts in the UK is well placed, measuring 1.85 miles in length, with a variety of tight corners for riders to navigate.

Those looking to camp on-site overnight can do so but only for certain events, and there are very basic facilities available for these. However, much investment has been made into great viewing areas for spectators, and this in on-site for both them and visitors along with good catering.

All our forthcoming Castle Combe Bike Track Day events can be found and booked directly onto from our regularly updated list above. If you'd prefer to wait for a future date that best suits your needs, then why not purchase one of our open gift vouchers? Just make sure to redeem and use them within 10 months.

Castle Combe Noise Limits for Motorcycles

The noise limit for Motocycles at Castle Combe is 100dB(A) for the static test. There is a ride-by-noise limit of 87dB(A) measured out on track. Your bike must remain at or under this limit to be permitted out on track.

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