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Silverstone Bike Track Days

Imagine riding on a track day knowing that some of the best names in racing have shredded the same tarmac as you. Silverstone Bike track days are held on the Grand Prix and National Circuits on a regular basis, allowing you to push your own set of hot wheels to their limits - perhaps even to pole position - with the help of an expert coach.

Silverstone Circuit Race Circuit

Grand Prix circuit
3.66 miles
Grand Prix Circuit
3.66 miles
International circuit
1.85 miles
National circuit
1.64 miles
Stowe circuit
0.08 miles
Silverstone Circuit - Grand Prix circuit
Silverstone Circuit - Grand Prix Circuit
Silverstone Circuit - International circuit
Silverstone Circuit - National circuit
Silverstone Circuit - Stowe circuit

Silverstone Bike Track Day and Circuit Information

Silverstone is the birthplace of British motorsport, and while the course has altered significantly since its inception, the core of Silverstone has not. Designed for racers and track day lovers alike, this circuit is fast and tough.

Why not check another thing off your bucket list or get a present that will bring you or a loved one joy for a lifetime? You'll enjoy the excitement of the track, the camaraderie of the pits, and our excellent, courteous training whether you're a newbie or a pro.

The Silverstone circuit has four alternative layouts, including a new GP Circuit, a National Circuit, an International Circuit, and a Stowe Circuit. Silverstone is a fantastic test for any driver or rider, with a mix of rapid bends, lengthy straights, and some slower paced parts. Silverstone is a historic RAF base converted into a race track - much like many of the UK’s (arguably the World’s) most famous race tracks.

Silverstone Noise Limit for Motorcycles

The Silverstone noise limit is normally predicated on a 102dB(A) ride-by limit, but if a Motorcycle breaches this restriction during an event, it must pass a 105dB(A) static noise test at 0.5m at a 45-degree angle with the engine running at 3/4maximum rpm.

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