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Snetterton Bike Track Days

Get your gear on and book one of these dates below for you and your bike on the world famous Snetterton Circuit. The 300 circuit, designed by circuit boss Jonathan Palmer, is inspired by a number of the world's most prestigious motor racing venues, while the 200 circuit keeps the spirit of the original airfield layout and can be run concurrently with the short 100 loop, which is popular with sprint competitors.

Snetterton Circuit Race Circuit

100 Circuit
1.00 miles
200 Circuit
1.95 miles
300 Circuit
2.99 miles
Full circuit
2.99 miles
Snetterton Circuit - 100 Circuit
Snetterton Circuit - 200 Circuit
Snetterton Circuit - 300 Circuit
Snetterton Circuit - Full circuit

Snetterton Bike Track Day and Circuit Information

Snetterton Circuit is a motor racing track in Norfolk, England, that was opened for competition in 1953.

Throughout Snetterton's 60-year existence, the circuit configuration has altered multiple times. It was 2.7 miles long in the 1960s and early 1970s, with a huge portion running virtually parallel to the A11 road before a severe hairpin turn and a long run back to the Brundle and Nelson corners.

Russell Bend was built to the circuit as the penultimate corner to slow racers as they neared the pits. The track had been trimmed significantly since the 1970s, to slightly under two miles, until 2010, when circuit owner MSV announced the most extensive makeover in the venue's history, which was completed in February 2011.

Noise Limit at Snetterton for Motorcycles

On most motorcycle track days there is a static noise limit of 102 dB(A) and a ride-by noise limit of 92 dB(A).

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