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Octane Boosters

Octane Boosters are one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your car or bike's performance and fuel consumption on your next track day is operating at its maximum capability, increasing its brake horsepower by as much as seven. It can either be poured directly into your fuel tank or premixed with your fuel prior to being topped up. We also have Coolants available that help moderate the temperature of your coolant and radiator systems, as well as conditioners for diesel powered cars and bikes, all available with fast delivery and dispatch through the UK Trackdays online shop.

Octane Boosters for Track Day Fuel

If you're wanting to get the most out of your car or bike on your next track day, then one surefire but inexpensive way you can achieve this is with our superb selection of Octane Boosters, working directly with a leading motorsports supplier to ensure you're provided with the very highest quality fuel enhancers.

How Octane Boosters work is that they can either be poured into your fuel tank or premixed with your fuel before you add it to your vehicle. What this will do is increase your fuel's octanes up to as much as the power of 7.

And the good news is that even if your vehicle has catalytic converters and 02 sensors, it is completely safe to use. What you'll soon discover is that octane boosters not only increase your power and performance, but that it'll clear your fuel injectors, making them more efficient, and improve your throttle response and acceleration.

But for those with diesel based vehicles, we've not left you out either, as we also have special conditioners which will increase your diesel's mileage and reduce smoking by cleaning your injectors and pumps to increase cetane and replace lost lubrication.

And we also have a selection of coolants, which is formulated ready to pour in, and will help ensure your engine temperature stays cool and regulated no matter how hot the action on track gets!

Order Octane Boosters

With UK Trackdays, you can buy your octane boosters directly from our online shop today. Place your order by 12pm, and it will usually be dispatched to you the very same day, but if you order after this time, it will usually be dispatched the following working day.

Plus, as we have standard and tracked delivery options available, it should be able to get over to you as quickly as you need it for your next track day!

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